Dottie Rambo & Buck Rambo - Reaching Around The World - 1986

Song TitleWords & Music ByTimeSong DetailsIndex LinkAudio-Visual LinkAudio-Visual Link
Reaching Around The WorldDottie Rambo3:05
For What Earthly ReasonDottie Rambo3:55
Going Through And Growing Through The TrialWords By Dottie Rambo
Music By Dony McGuire
Original LP had only Dottie Rambo listed as writer. This correction courtesy of Dann Childers of Rambo-McGuire office.
As Long As We Can Talk It OverDottie Rambo3:01
It's Hard To Sing The Blues (When You're Doing So Well)Dottie Rambo5:20
Artist, TheDottie Rambo4:37
He Never Once Stopped Believing In MeDottie Rambo3:26
You Were My Way Back HomeDottie Rambo3:36
Oh Blessed HopeDottie Rambo5:08
We're The GenerationDottie Rambo3:35
Into The Holy Of HoliesDottie Rambo3:44