Dottie Rambo - Camp Goo-La-Mock-EE

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Song TitleSongwriterTimeOther DetailsAudio-Visual Link
Camp Goo-La-Mock-EEDottie Rambo
Grand Dot GraceDottie Rambo
God, Could You Use Another Kid On Your Team?Dottie Rambo
Mom, You Don't Have To Call Me EverydayDottie Rambo
The Frog With A FreckleDottie Rambo
ParablesDottie Rambo
Superman, SuperfriendDottie Rambo
T.L.C.Dottie Rambo
ScratchDottie Rambo
BillyDottie Rambo
Mom, You Don't Have To Call Me Everyday (Reprise)Dottie Rambo
Somebody's Busy (And I Think I Know Who It Is)Dottie Rambo
Motion PicturesDottie Rambo
God, Make Me Proud Of My CountryDottie Rambo
LightsDottie Rambo
Reaching Around The WorldDottie Rambo
Camp Goo-La-Mock-EE (Reprise)Dottie Rambo

This project is dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ in thankfulness for a most precious gift, our granddaughter, Destiny Rambo McGuire.  .....Grand Dot

Produced by Phil Johnson, Dottie Rambo and Steve Amerson
Tracks recorded at Stage III by Brent King, Bennett House and J. T. Cantwell
Keyboards, drum sequencing - Smitty Price
Bass - Steve Schaffer
Guitar - Steve Gibson
Children's vocals provided by the First Baptist Church of Van Nuys, California
Children's vocals arranged and conducted by Steve Amerson
Children's vocals recorded at Weddington Studios by Peter Haden
Remixed at Stage III by Brent King and Omnisound by Bill Whittington
Illustration and Art Direction by Dill Beaty
COMPANION PRODUCTS: BO 3933 Singer's Activity Book; DBO 3933 Director's Edition; YO 3933 Accompaniment Track, Reel to Reel; YCO 3933 Accompaniment Track, Cassette; BRO 3933 Singers's Activity Book and Record Combination; BCO 3933 Singer's Activity Book and Cassette Combination; YO 3933 Decal (iron-on transfer).
Copyright 1986 Benson Records; Distributed by the Benson Company, Inc., 365 Great Circle Road, Nashville, Tennessee  37228.   Made in the USA