Dottie Rambo - Camp Goo-La-Mock-EE

Link to Trinity Broadcasting's presentation with DOTTIE RAMBO and Camp Goo-La-Mock-EE on YouTube:


Song TitleSongwriterTimeOther DetailsAudio-Visual Link
Camp Goo-La-Mock-EEDottie Rambo
Grand Dot GraceDottie Rambo
God, Could You Use Another Kid On Your Team?Dottie Rambo
Mom, You Don't Have To Call Me EverydayDottie Rambo
The Frog With A FreckleDottie Rambo
ParablesDottie Rambo
Superman, SuperfriendDottie Rambo
T.L.C.Dottie Rambo
ScratchDottie Rambo
BillyDottie Rambo
Mom, You Don't Have To Call Me Everyday (Reprise)Dottie Rambo
Somebody's Busy (And I Think I Know Who It Is)Dottie Rambo
Motion PicturesDottie Rambo
God, Make Me Proud Of My CountryDottie Rambo
LightsDottie Rambo
Reaching Around The WorldDottie Rambo
Camp Goo-La-Mock-EE (Reprise)Dottie Rambo