Dottie Rambo - Choral Concert Of Love

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Name of Album:Choral Concert of Love, A Dottie Rambo
Awards:Dove Award
Traditional Recorded Gospel
Song of the Year - 1998
I Go To The Rock

Grammy Nomination
Best Gospel Performance - 1979
Year of Release:1978
Record Label:Heartwarming - R3533
Producer(s):Jim Van Hook & Don Hart
Engineer(s)Bob Clark
Arranger(s):Don Hart, Rick Gibson, Joe Linn, Paul Ferrin, Doug Little
Recorded At:Great Circle Sound
Nashville, Tennessee
Photos:Dill Beaty
Cover Design:Bob McConnell
Background Singer(s):Not Listed
Musician(s):Not Listed

Song TitleSongwriterTimeOther DetailsAudio-Visual Link
I Go To The RockDottie RamboVocals Arranged By Rick GibsonPerformance on YouTube
Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome (In This Place)Words By Dottie Rambo
Music By Dottie Rambo &
David Huntsinger
3:44Vocals Arranged By Don Hart
I Will Glory In The CrossDottie Rambo4:20Vocals Arranged By Joe Linn
Is There Anything I Can Do For You?Dottie Rambo &
David Huntsinger
3:12Vocals Arranged By Don Hart
Son Is Shining, TheDottie Rambo2:35Vocals Arranged By Don Hart
Follow The LeaderDottie Rambo2:40Vocals Arranged By Rick Gibson
Midnight In The Middle Of The DayDottie Rambo3:06Vocals Arranged By Paul Ferrin
Stand Still And See His GloryDottie Rambo2:55Vocals Arranged By Doug Little
Don't Lift The AnchorDottie Rambo3:23Vocals Arranged By Paul Ferrin
If That Isn't LoveDottie Rambo3:15Vocals Arranged By Don Hart

Backliner Notes:
The excitement and magnetism that emanates from the stage to the audience has been shared by many of us that have had the privilege of witnessing a performance by the Rambos.

That special charisma that lights up the stage and sends its rays to the darkest corners of the room and into every heart is "Dottie," the performer, the evangelist, the songwriter. Dottie Rambo's songs have the ability to touch each life as she intimately shares real-life experiences with each listener.

This same excitement is multiplied as Dottie joins her strong and soulful voice with those of a dedicated Christian choir. Dottie has the rare ability to excite not only her audiences, but those who work closely with her. The choir not only learns arrangements and music, but Dottie shares life-changing insights into her songs that make them come alive. Thus enlightened, the singers are able to communicate "heart to heart."

Music from the soul to reach other souls...that's what a Dottie Rambo Choral Concert of Love is all about.

.................Bill Murray