Dottie Rambo & David Huntsinger - Down By The Creek Bank (25th Anniversary)

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This is the 25th anniversary edition with digitally enhanced music.  Great music, but if you want to hear the original instead, go here.

We want to mention that this project is still available at Brentwood-Benson here .  It would be a fabulous edition to any children's church program and the adults would be thrilled to see their children perform it.  And don't forget that DOTTIE RAMBO created two children's musicals.  The other one was called CAMP GOO-LA-MOCK-EE.

Link to full album on YouTube:


Song TitleWords & Music ByTimeOther DetailsAudio-Visual Link
Entrance MusicDottie Rambo
Down By The Creek BankDottie Rambo
Ain't Gonna Let The Mountains Praise The LordDottie Rambo
SensesWords By Dottie Rambo
Music By Dottie Rambo & David Huntsinger
Germs (My Invisible Dog)Dottie Rambo
Being MeDottie Rambo
I Am AdoptedDottie Rambo
MultiplyDottie Rambo &
David Huntsinger
Fill In The BlanksWords By Dottie Rambo
Music By Dottie Rambo & David Huntsinger
Love IsDottie Rambo
PuzzlesWords By Dottie Rambo
Music By David Huntsinger
He Plants Me Like A SeedWords By Dottie Rambo
Music By David Huntsinger
Is There Anything I Can Do For You?Dottie Rambo &
David Huntsinger

Publisher:Benson Music Publications
(a division of Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing)
Year of This Release:2003
Original Year of Release:1978 (Impact Records -
distributed by the Benson Company)
Produced By:Craig Adams
Executive Producer:Johnathan Crumpton
Art Design:Arnholt-Fox Advertising
Original Cover Design:Dill Beaty
Original Producer:Joe Huffman
Above credits listed from CD or Cassette, no LP availableIf anyone has the original LP and there are additional credits listed, would you please contact us and let us know? Thank you!
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Can you believe it? Down By the Creekbank is over 25 years old! It's a timeless, classic work for kids of all ages! There is something very unique about the hearts of co-creators Dottie Rambo and David Huntsinger. They have captured the imaginative essence of a child's heart and combined it with scriptural principles, which will serve as a firm foundation for children as they grow and mature in their faith. Your kids will have even more fun than you did 25 years ago, and you'll find yourself singing right along with these fun, easy-to-learn songs in a matter of minutes. The same gang is all there, but this time they are captured on newly re-recorded, digital soundtracks (available on CD). So, grab a fishin' pole and a friend and join us for the most fun 35 minutes anyone can have by the old, holler log!