Dottie Rambo - Sheltered

Dottie thanks:

The FANS who chose the songs for this CD. Your love for me and my music is what keeps me alive and doing what I’m doing today; DAYWIND RECORDS, ED LEONARD, NORMAN HOLLAND and MICHAEL TURNER for believing in me, my music and this project; MILTON SMITH, WESLEY PRITCHARD and MARK MOSELEY for all your hard work and support in helping create this project; To all the MUSICIANS and VOCALISTS, you are the brightest thread in the fabric of this quilt; AARON CRISLER, ALAN MERCER and MARY ELIZABETH LONG for creating such beautiful pictures for this project; The children of PORTER WAGONER for sharing your father with me on this recording and for playing it at his funeral; MEL TILLIS, you are so special and I can’t even find words strong enough to thank you for your friendship and being part of this project; THE WHITES for staying true to the Lord and always loving and believing in me and my music; LULU ROMAN, my special friend who is gong to LIVE long and finish the work that God has called you to do; To all the DJ’s who have played my music over the years and hopefully for years to come; LARRY, JUDY, CHRISTIAN and PIERCE FERGUSON for being a family to me when I needed it most. Larry, you are more than a manager, you are a son and I thank you for walking with me through the flames, your harvest will come; CHRIS BARNES for everything you do, it doesn’t go unnoticed, you are my other boy; BECKIE SIMMONS and BSA WORLD; my big sissie NELLIE SLAYTON, and, of course, my daughter REBA RAMBO-MCGUIRE and ISRAEL ANTHEM MCGUIRE, SCOTT, DIONNE and DYSON DISMUKE, and to all my FAMILY and FRIENDS.

Song TitleSongwriterTimeOther DetailsAudio-Visual Link
I've Never Been This Homesick BeforeDottie RamboSheltered Album On YouTube
If That Isn't LoveDottie RamboPurchase Album At
New ShoesDottie RamboWith The WhitesPurchase Album At
TinyDottie Rambo
Sheltered In The Arms Of GodDottie Rambo &
Jimmie Davis
With Porter Waggoner
Who's Gonna Teach My Children's Children?Dottie Rambo
Remind Me Dear LordDottie RamboWith Mel Tillis
I Just Came To Talk With You LordDottie Rambo
Build My Mansion (Next Door To Jesus)Dottie Rambo
I Go To The RockDottie Rambo
Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome (In This Place)Words By Dottie Rambo
Music By Dottie Rambo &
David Huntsinger
With Lulu Roman
I Will Glory In The CrossDottie Rambo

     *** Many of Dottie Rambo's early songs such as "Sheltered In The Arms Of God" were published and copyrighted through Jimmie Davis' Publishing Company.  Jimmie Davis was the composer of the well known classic 'You Are My Sunshine."  Dottie Rambo has stated publicly that Jimmie Davis was not a co-songwriter on any of her songs, but he required a writer's credit for publishing them.  Publishing these songs of Dottie's gave her the first big break into the music business that would eventually launch her songs to be heard all around the world.  Jimmie Davis called Dottie "Dot, My Girl" and they remained friends until his death at age 102.  More information about Jimmie Davis here.
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