Dottie Rambo - Sunshine Shine On (Big Voice-Warm Heart)

Song TitleSongwriterTimeOther DetailsAudio-Visual Link
Sunshine, Shine OnDottie Rambo2:02
Pilgrims Have Gone On, TheB A Mercer1:51
It's Me Again LordDottie Rambo2:12
My Father Is A KingDottie Rambo &
Jimmie Davis
First Million Years, TheDottie Rambo &
Jimmie Davis
2:40Lyrics -
My AltarDottie Rambo 3:37
This Little Sheep's Coming HomeDottie Rambo &
Jimmie Davis
Lord, Do It AgainDottie Rambo1:47
Brand New Feeling, ADottie Rambo1:43
Which Road Leads To Heaven?Dottie Rambo &
Jimmie Davis
New Beulah Land, TheDottie Rambo2:14
LazarusMartha Carson &
Roy Acuff