Dottie Rambo & The Gospel Echoes - Warner Bros. Presents The Gospel Echoes -1963

Song TitleWords & Music ByTimeSong DetailsIndex LinkAudio-Visual LinkAudio-Visual Link
Somebody Else WillDottie Rambo1:46
I Tell My Secrets To The LordDottie Rambo2:08
He Must DieDottie Rambo2:43
Original album for Warner Brothers Presents The Gospel Echoes states songwriters as Rambo-Bivens-Davis. This seems to be referencing arrangements and publishing as we have found no other evidence Dottie Rambo had a co-writer for the song He Must Die. If anyone has knowledge otherewise, please let us know.
I'm Longing To GoThomas J Farris2:20
Come SpringDottie Rambo2:45
It Is Sweet To Look BeyondWords By Jennie Wilson
Music By J Henry Smith
Original album for Warner Brothers Presents The Gospel Echoes states songwriter for It Is Sweet To Look Beyond is Shirley Bivins, but the Heartwarming album There's Nothing My God Can't Do (same album released again) simply states PD (Public Domain). We believe Shirley Bivens arranged this song and an Internet search revealed who we believe to be the actual songwriters as Wilson & Smith.
There's Nothing My God Can't DoDottie Rambo ***2:43
This ManBonnie Smith &
John Smith
Album lists PD (Public Domain), but lists authors as Bonnie & John Smith
Oh! What A LoveDavid Reece2:39
Made Up MindDottie Rambo1:26
My Visit To HeavenDottie Rambo ***2:51
Freedom After WhileJosephine James2:19
This album lists songwriter as PD (Public Domain). Thanks to, we found author's name as Josephine James.
The Happy Goodman Family told Jimmie Davis about Dottie Rambo, which gave Dottie's songs their first big break toward becoming known throughout the world.
When you see *** above, these songs were published as Words & Music By Dottie Rambo & Jimmie Davis. However, Dottie Rambo has stated publicly in an interview with Bill Gaither that Jimmie Davis was not a co-writer with her on any of her songs [Bill & Gloria Gaither Present DOTTIE RAMBO With the Homecoming Friends]. He required a writer’s credit to publish her songs.
Jimmie Davis, the songwriter of the well known classic, You Are My Sunshine, and Dottie Rambo remained close friends until his death at age 102.