Dottie Rambo & The Rambos - Live - 1970

Song TitleWords & Music ByTimeSong DetailsIndex LinkAudio-Visual LinkAudio-Visual Link
One More River To CrossBud Chambers2:54
Build My Mansion (Next Door To Jesus)Dottie Rambo8:13
Holy Hills Of Heaven Call Me, TheDottie Rambo3:23
No Lock On My Mansion DoorDottie Rambo3:09
When Is He Coming Again?Dottie Rambo11:01
Too Much To Gain To LoseDottie RamboIncluded with 11:01
Grass Is Greener On The Other Side, TheDottie Rambo4:37
Sheltered In The Arms Of God Dottie Rambo ***3:27
(In The Valley) He Restoreth My SoulDottie Rambo6:30
Mama Always Had A SongDottie Rambo &
Reba Rambo-McGuire
The Live Album only lists Dottie Rambo as songwriter, but Soul Classics also lists Reba Rambo, so we are assuming Reba did help her mom write this great song
Oh What A Happy Day!Jack Campbell2:24
If That Isn't LoveDottie Rambo2:43
When I Lift Up My HeadDottie Rambo1:48
He Looked Beyond My Fault (And Saw My Need)Words By Dottie Rambo
Music Adapted From Londonderry Aire (Oh Danny Boy)
Don't Take My Cross AwayDottie Rambo3:30
Come SpringDottie Rambo2:50
One More ValleyDottie Rambo ***2:46
The Happy Goodman Family told Jimmie Davis about Dottie Rambo, which gave Dottie's songs their first big break toward becoming known throughout the world.
When you see *** above, these songs were published as Words & Music By Dottie Rambo & Jimmie Davis. However, Dottie Rambo has stated publicly in an interview with Bill Gaither that Jimmie Davis was not a co-writer with her on any of her songs [Bill & Gloria Gaither Present DOTTIE RAMBO With the Homecoming Friends]. He required a writer’s credit to publish her songs.
Jimmie Davis, the songwriter of the well known classic, You Are My Sunshine, and Dottie Rambo remained close friends until his death at age 102.