Dottie Rambo & The Rambos - Those Singing Rambos - 1965

Song TitleWords & Music ByTimeSong DetailsIndex LinkAudio-Visual LinkAudio-Visual Link
Wait For An AnswerDottie Rambo ***2:15
Remind Me, Dear LordDottie Rambo2:45
Prisoner Of LoveDottie Rambo2:49
Sunday Is Father's DayDottie Rambo2:57
It'll All Be Over But The Shoutin'Rusty Goodman2:57
MomentsB A Mercer2:27
We Don't Have As Far To GoDottie Rambo &
Joe Hatfield
Album itself only lists Dottie Rambo as author, but Joe Hatfield is also listed as co-author at
CastawayDottie Rambo3:08
I Wouldn't Take Nothin' For My JourneyRusty Goodman2:08
I Have The LordDarius Spurgeon3:01
I Want Two WingsThomas A Dorsey2:00
Welcome HomeLes Beasley2:50
The Happy Goodman Family told Jimmie Davis about Dottie Rambo, which gave Dottie's songs their first big break toward becoming known throughout the world.
When you see *** above, these songs were published as Words & Music By Dottie Rambo & Jimmie Davis. However, Dottie Rambo has stated publicly in an interview with Bill Gaither that Jimmie Davis was not a co-writer with her on any of her songs [Bill & Gloria Gaither Present DOTTIE RAMBO With the Homecoming Friends]. He required a writer’s credit to publish her songs.
Jimmie Davis, the songwriter of the well known classic, You Are My Sunshine, and Dottie Rambo remained close friends until his death at age 102.