Dottie Rambo & The Rambos - Name of Album: Very Best Of The Rambos - 2003

Song TitleSongwriterTimeOther DetailsAudio-Visual Link
I've Never Been This Homesick BeforeDottie Rambo
He Looked Beyond My Fault (And Saw My Need)Words By Dottie Rambo
Music Adapted From Londonderry Aire
Build My Mansion (Next Door To Jesus)Dottie Rambo
Sailing Toward HomeDottie Rambo &
Donnie Sumner
We Shall Behold HimDottie Rambo
Unseen HandA J Sims
Mama's Teaching Angels How To SingDottie Rambo
Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That CityDottie Rambo
In The Valley (He Restoreth My Soul)Dottie Rambo
I Go To The RockDottie Rambo
Holy Hills Of Heaven Call Me, TheDottie Rambo
Sheltered In The Arms Of GodDottie Rambo &
Jimmie Davis
*** SEE NOTE ****
Lyrics Link At
If That Isn't LoveDottie Rambo

*** Sheltered In The Arms Of God was written as Dottie Rambo walked along a Florida beach after a storm. Jimmie Davis received a writer’s credit for this song and for publishing many early Dottie Rambo songs.  This gave Dottie Rambo her first big break in the music business. Dottie Rambo and Jimmie Davis were friends until Jimmie Davis’ death at age 102.  Jimmie Davis was the songwriter of the classic well known song You Are My Sunshine.

**** Sheltered In The Arms Of God won Singing News Fan Award for Song Of The Year in 1970.