Rambos' Greatest Hits (2013)
With Mark Lowry DVD
Previously Released in 1990
except Mark Lowry DVD is NEW
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Dottie Rambo (The Rambos) - 2007
Not Available For Listening
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Very Best Of The Rambos (2003)
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Pure Gold (2002)
Not Available For Listening

Rambos' Collection - Vol 1 (1998)
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Rambos' Collection - Vol 2 (1998)
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20 Gospel Classics (1994)

Oil And The Wine (1994)
Same Album As Sons Of Thunder,
Daughters Of Light (1983)

Mama's Favorite Hymns (1994)

Same Album As:
Softly And Tenderly (1974)

Masters Of Gospel (1992)

Lost Recordings of Rambos -
Gospel Echoes - Vol 1 (1992)
Same Album As There's Nothing My God
Can't Do (1965)

Lost Recording of Rambos -
Gospel Echoes - Vol 2 (1992)
Same Album As Presenting The Singing Rambos (1968)

Rambos' Greatest Hits (1990)
Same as album released by
Rambo-McGuire In 2013 except
Mark Lowry DVD was
added to that project
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The Legend Continues (1987)

Reaching Around The World (1986)
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Diamond Celebration (1986)

Destined For The Throne (1984)
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Son Of Thunder, Daughter Of Light (1983)

Memories Made New (1983)

Rambo Reunion (1977)
Buck & Dottie Rambo
Reba Rambo & Dony McGuire
Patty Carpenter
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Crossin' Over (1976)
Entire Album Not Available For Listening

Silver Jubilee (1979)

Queen Of Paradise (1978)

Naturally (1977)

The Son Is Shining (1976)

Rambo Country (1976)

These Three Are One (1975)

There Has To Be A Song (1975)

Yours Until He Comes (1974)

Softly And Tenderly (1974)

Alive! And Live At Soul's Harbor (1974)
2-Record Set

Too Much To Gain To Lose (1973)

Spotlighting The Rambos (1973)

Sonshine (1973)

Sing Me On Home (1973)

Belief (1973)

Soul In The Family (1972)

Rambo Reflections (1972)

Buck, Dottie and Reba (1972)

The Best Of The Rambos (1972)
Not Available For Listening
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Soul Classics (1971)

Songs Of Love And Hope (1971)

Live (1971)
2-Record Set

If That Isn't Love (1971)

The Real Thing (1970)
AKA Nashville Gospel On Vinyl LP
Included Large Poster Of Rambos that sometimes
you will see as album cover

This Is My Valley (1969)
Grammy Award Nomination
Singing News Favorite Album

Soul Singing Rambos (1968)

Presenting The Singing Rambos (1968)

An Evening With The Singing Rambos (1968)

Gospel Ballads (1967)

There's Nothing That My God Can't Do (1967)

Come Spring (1966)

The Gospel Echoes (1965)
Those Singing Rambos

Cross Country Concert (1975)

Dottie, Buck & Joe (1965)

Warner Bros Present The Gospel Echoes (1964)
Later Re-issued As There's Nothing My God Can't Do (1967)

Gospel Echoes Sing The Songs Of Big Chief Wetherington (1963)
Same Album As Presenting The Singing Rambos (1968)

Get On Board (1961)
Not Available For Listening
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Draw Me Near (possibly 1960?)